Uplighting & Wireless LEDs

Uplighting is used to bounce light off of ceilings or other diffuse surface, such as drape. It gives a uniform, shadow-free effect, as opposed to the harsh glare of overhead lights. You'll look back on your photographs and appreciate the soft romantic glow created by this lighting technique.

DFX is truly unique in that we provide portable wireless LEDs at affordable prices. These lighting units are compact enough to fit under tables, on windowsills, behind drape, and along walls. They can also easily be used for outdoor or tent events. You can get the soft glow you’re going for throughout your entire venue, without ugly wires running all over the place. These LEDs run on an RGB (red-green-blue) color scale, which means you can literally pick any color that you’d like, allowing you to match your decor to the color theme of your event. Our technicians can program the LEDs with different colors, in case you want multiple colors lighting up your venue.

There are other options too: LED strips are long and narrow, and can be programmed to constantly change colors and patterns. Having a beach wedding? Illuminate your walls with a subtle, slow-moving wave effect. We also provide optitripars and other lights, which can be customized with color gels.