Document Cameras

Document cameras, also referred to as visual presenters or visualizers, are capture devices for displaying an object to an audience. They are often used in conjunction with a projector and an interactive whiteboard in order to project and magnify images of actual, two- and three-dimensional objects, as well as transparencies.

Typical applications for a document camera include classroom and lecture hall use, presentation of material in conferences, meetings, and/or training sessions, videoconferencing and telepresence, presentation of evidence in courtrooms, and various medical applications such as telemedicine, telepathology, and display of x-rays.

DFX represents the following document camera manufacturers:

Each manufacturer offers various types of document cameras ranging from small and portable to full size with LED lit bases. Contact one of our sales representatives at 800-555-5280 today to find out which one best suits your needs! We can also provide you with a free, on site demo of any model that catches your eye.