Audio Systems & Equipment

DFX provides sound system rentals large and small, with customers ranging from DJs and community theaters to large stadiums. Audio systems and equipment for rental include powered speakers, amplifiers, mixers, processing equipment, compressors, and wireless microphones. Some of our most popular powered speakers for rental include the JBL Eon, Mackie SRM-450, and Mackie SWA-1801. Higher end speakers are also available, such as the full line of JBL SRX speakers, including the SRX 712, SRX 722, SRX 728, and SRX 715. We provide a full selection of Crown MacroTech amplifiers to power all of your speakers, including the MacroTech 2400, 3600, and 5000. A full selection of mixers is also available, such as the Mackie 1402, 1202, 1604, and CFX16, as well as larger mixers like the Allan and Health GL-2400 and the Soundcraft GB8. We also offer variety of processing equipment for rental, such as compressors like the DBX 166 and Presonus ACP88, and effects units like the Yamaha SPX 2000 and the TC Electronics M-One.

Wireless Microphones

DFX also provides a full inventory of wireless microphones from Shure and Sennheiser, as well as other brands. We work with many school theater departments and production companies to power their shows and often help set up the system on site. Our technicians are also available 24 hours a day through our emergency support number, so if anything goes wrong before your production on a Friday or Saturday night, we're one phone call away to help. Call our rental manager Gil Mason-Butch at 800-555-5280, extension 115, or email him at for more details and to get a quote.