Effect Machines

Our rental inventory includes a wide variety of effect machines and their consumables.

To create thick, billowing clouds of smoke, try our high-output fog machines like the High End Systems F-100 and the Martin MP-2000. If you'd like to add just a little bit of haze in the air to accent your lighting, we offer hazers like the Unique 2 from Look Solutions and the LeMaitre Radiance. We also carry the Antari Ice-101, which produces low-lying fog using regular ice.

If you're looking for something a little more unique, try our high-output bubble machines or even our snow machines. And if you're looking to add wow factor to a big moment, we also carry confetti and streamer launchers, with consumables available in any color. Call our rental department at 800-555-5280 for more details and to get a quote!